The largest marina on Martha’s Vineyard

41° 27’ 39’’ N - 70° 33’ 22’’ W


Moorings in Oak Bluffs Harbor cannot be reserved. They are all on a first come, first served basis.

We raft a maximum of four boats per mooring during peak season. Rafting during our peak season is mandatory.
Off-season rates are $35.00 per boat per night. As of June 16th 2023 the Selectboard of Oak Bluffs has voted to implement a $50 flat fee for moorings. This applies to day/hourly tie ups and/or overnight.



It is the responsibility of the vessel owner to check if they meet the decibel requirements before they come to Oak Bluffs. READ NOISE BY-LAW>

Vessel that do not comply with the noise levels will not be allowed in Oak Bluffs Harbor.


When you enter the harbor you may call us on Ch. 71 for guidance or if you’re already familiar with Oak Bluffs Harbor you may go directly to a mooring. If you are here in a small boat (20ft to 30ft) just for the day, please head to the first row of moorings which are located all the way toward the back of the harbor off the large "Wesley Hotel". You may call the launch on Ch. 77 for a ride to shore. If they are full please go to the next row "2A" through "2d". No more than 4 boats per mooring are ever allowed on a mooring.

All vessels should run their own line through the mooring ball. This allows other vessels who may be rafted to your boat the ability to leave without disturbing you.

Boats that are staying for the night or multiple nights moor according to size and type of vessel. Please moor with a like size and type vessel. Sailboat to sailboat, powerboat to powerboat.

The mooring layout is set up in rows running east to west. As you enter the harbor through the jetties you will immediately see off the starboard side, the first row of moorings marked "11A" through "11C". This row begins directly across from the Harbormaster office and is for larger vessels 50ft to70ft.

The numbered moorings, white in color with a blue bottom, descend from row 11 downward, 10, 9, 8, 7 etc. as you go deeper into the basin until you reach the first row of solid blue moorings for the day boats. The letters on each mooring start with "A" and run east to west to the letter "d" or in some cases "f".

Please call us on Ch. 71 if you have any questions.